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Welcome to KSHMTA

KSHMTA as the name means -Potential or efficacy -capacity or power to produce a desired effect. Our endeavour is to reach our potential in the field of natural stone and Interiors. We understand that the field is vast and we continuously strive for improvement and knowledge accumulation so that we can serve our customers in the best possible and transparent way. A perfect mix of technology and skilled craftsmen resulting in a symbiotic relationship with our clients is what we aim for.


Dedicated to bring growth to our community regardless of gender or religion, striving to safely deliver high quality projects in our domain and assist our clients in making their dreams become a reality.

What We Do

Interior and exterior contracting in close coordination with the designers, PMC's and clients. This includes detailing, shop and installation drawings and usage of all formats related to an organised execution of a project.

Providing and installing natural stone including mechanical stone cladding.

Sourcing and inspection of all kinds of natural stones.

Sourcing and inspection of all kinds of Interior and exterior application materials. This may also include supplying with the relevant quality check and responsibility of the approved and specified materials.

Supervision and project control including procurement for stone related projects.

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